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Finding a DUI Lawyer in Georgia

Finding a GA DUI Lawyer
Scales of Justice
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Finding a DUI Lawyer in Georgia can be challenging.  When you search Google or Bing, you get a lot of results.  There are a ton of paid ads, and handful of regular sites that show up in search.  How can you figure out which DUI attorney is the best?  You have a serious problem, and you need affordable and reliable help.

Get a Consultation

My first piece of advice is to ignore the advertised sites that pop up.  They’ve paid to get your attention – that doesn’t mean they are the best.  In all reality, a site that is showing up naturally for your search keywords carries much more weight with me.  You make your own choice, of course.

Many of the top dui lawyers who pop up offer a free consultation; you should take them up on this.  Try to scheduled two or three phone consultations and see if anyone blows you away.  If you set up a consultation and you feel rushed or uncomfortable, that might be a queue for you to look at the next provider.

Research Them At Their Website

Does their website look like an informercial, where they seem more interested in selling your books and pictures of themselves than actually helping you?  Is it a long, long page stuffed with keywords but lacking any real information?  Maybe you should move along, right?

Well, sometimes.  Read that long text.  Read it.  Are they a well respected lawyer? Can they prove it?  Do they speak at various clubs and gatherings?  Does their site freely link to competing attorneys?  You can tell a lot about someone from their website.  Dig deep into how their legal website is managed, how they are marketed….